Wine Life, The only life we know…

For over 4 decades our vocation has been a dedication to Importing, Marketing and the Distribution of Wines and Spirits.

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From Evolution to Revolution!

Be different-er: Something that is not the same. Wine Life is different. Our Spotlight is on Innovation, Quality, Convenience and Uniqueness.

Real Wine, Ready To Drink…
Bright, Colorful Eye-Catching Outer Cartons Draw Quick Attention. Produced and Bottled in Emilia Romagna Italy…

Chill… Pour… Party…

Sweet, Cold and Bubbly. You'll love it!

HJ Smooth Red

A Blend of Red Varietal Grapes: Deep Purple Color with hints of Plum and Cherries and a lively Fizz.

HJ Chillin White

100% Malvasia Grapes: Hints of Peach, Apricot  and Pear with a Refreshing Sparkle.

HJ Cool Pink

Made from Sangiovese Grapes. Hints of Roses and Berries with a sparkling finish that tickles your tongue.

House Jam represents a youthful expression for fun, enjoyment, pleasure and experimentation.

  • A Jam is a party or fun event. It’s a favorite drink or a favorite song.
  • Our Package conveys our musical concept with abstract art and celebration.
  • Bright colors and an easy to remember hj on the label will call attention and create easy brand recall.