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For over 4 decades our vocation has been a dedication to Importing, Marketing and the Distribution of Wines and Spirits.


Slide Be different-er: Something that is not the same.

Partnering with wineries to bring to market truly innovative wines.

The most creative and successful products have often begun with entrepreneurial companies like Wine Life.

House Jam

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The innovative Wine Beverage that appeals to a broad demographic with a sweet, cold & bubbly taste profile.

Chefs First Choice

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Innovative,Environmentally Friendly Tetrapak cartons.
febbre is Italian for Fever... From the Vineyards of Italy’s Exotic Emilia Romagna Region, febbre’s Sexy blend of Sangiovese and Merlot produces a Smooth Wine with Elegant Structure, Enticing fruit forward flavors and a Seductive mouth feel.

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